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Kinetic analysis on precursors for iturin a production from bacillus amyloliquefaciens BPD1 2018 Jiun Yan Wu;Jen Hung Liao;Chwen Jen Shieh;Feng Chia Hsieh;Yung Chuan Liu Journal of bioscience and bioengineering 126 :630-635
Involvement of type VI secretion system in secretion of iron chelator pyoverdine in pseudomonas taiwanensis 2016 Wen Jen Chen;Tzu-Yen Kuo ;Fen Chia Hsieh;Pi Yu Chen;Chang-Sheng Wang;Yu Ling Shih;Ying Mi Lai;Je Ruei Liu;Yu Liang Yang;Ming Che Shih Scientific Reports:1-13
Clarification of the Antagonistic effect of the lipopeptides produced by bacillus amyloliquefaciens BPD1 against pyricularia oryzae via in Situ MALDI-TOF IMS analysis 2016 Jen Hung Liao;Pi Yu Chen;Yu Liang Yang;Shu Chen Kan;Feng Chia Hsieh;Yung Chang Liu Molecules 21 :1670-1681
Characterization and evaluation of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain WF02 regarding its biocontrol activities and genetic responses against bacterial wilt in two different resistant tomato cultivars 2016 Chu Ning Huang;Chan Pin Lin ;Feng Chia Hsieh;Sook Kuan Lee;Kuan Chen Cheng;Chi Te Liu World Journal Microbiology Biotechnology 32:183-196
Variations of cellular components in thermosynechococcus sp. CL-1 under electrochemical treatment 2015 Tzu Hsing Ko;Yao Chun Hsu;Yung Fu Wang;Yen Hui Chang;Shao Kai Lin;Hsin Ta Hsueh;Hsing Hui Chen RSC Advances 5:68470-68475
Magnesium Lithospermate B and Rosmarinic acid, Two Compounds Present in Salvia Miltiorrhiza,Have Potent Antiviral Activity Against Enterovirus 71 Infections 2015 Yi Ching Chung;Feng Chia Hsieh;Ying Ju Lin;Tzong Yuan Wu;Cheng Wen Lin;Ching Ting Lin;Nou Ying Tang;Tzyy Rong Jinn European Journal of Pharmacology 755:127-133
First record of Eutypella sp.as a mycoparasite on Fusarium oxysporum  f.sp.cubense 2015 Tsai Yu Sun ;Feng Chia Hsieh Plant Protection Bulletin 57(2):25-30
A new microsporidium,Triwangia caridinae gen. nov., sp. nov. parasitizing fresh water shrimp, caridina formosae(Decapoda:Atyidae)in Taiwan 2013 Tai Chuan Wang;Yu Shin Nai;Chih Yuan Wang;Leellen F. Solter;Hui Chen Hsu;Chung Hsiung Wang;Chu Fang Lo Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 112:281-293
Development of a liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry method for identification of flavonoids in Ginkgo biloba 2013 Yen Chen Ko;Ren Jye Lee;Hai Tung Feng;Maw Rong Lee Journal of the Chinese Chenmical Society :1333-1338
Fastidious prokaryotes and plant health 2013 Chung Jan Chang;Hsien Tzung Shih;Chiou Chu Su;Fuh Jyh Jan Plant Pathology Bulletin 22:233-243
High-Level expression,purification and production of the fungal immunomodulatory protein-Gts in baculovirus infected insect larva 2013 Tzong Yuan Wu;Hsin An Chen;Feng Yin Li;Ching Ting Lin;Chi Ming Wu;Feng Chia Hsieh;Jason Tze Cheng Tzen;Sheng Kuo Hsieh;Jiunn Liang Ko;Tzyy Rong Jinn Appl Biochem Biotechno 169:976-989
Purification and properties of an insecticidal metalloprotease produced by photorhabdus luminescens strain 0805-P5G, the entomopathogenic Nematode symbiont 2013 Yu Tzu Chang;Chienyan Hsieh;Li Ching Wu;Hebron C. Chang;Suey Sheng Kao;Menghsiao Meng;Feng Chia Hsieh International Journal of Molecular Sciences:308-321
The determination of flavonoids in Wikstroemia indica C. A. Mey. by liquid chromatography with photo-diode array detection and negative electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry 2013 Yen Chen Ko;Hai Tung Feng;Ren Jye Lee;Maw Rong Lee Rapid Commun. Mass Spectrom. 27:59-67
A simple and rapid method for analysis of the immunological effects of beta-glycans in serum and intra-haemocutic components of mangrove crab(Scylla serrata) 2012 Chin-Fu Cheng;Shao Wen Hung;Li Tse Tsou;Tien Huan Hsu;Ming Hui Chen;Chen Hsuan Chang;Ching Yu Tu;Yu Hsing Lin;Shiun Long Lin;Way Shyan Wang African Journal of Microbiology Research 6(34):6340-6347
Determination of perfluorocarboxylic acids in water by ion-pair dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction and gas chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry with injection port derivatization 2012 Wen Lin Liu;Yen Chen Ko;Bao Huey Hwang;Zu Guang Li;Thomas Ching-Cherng Yang Analytica Chimica Acta 726:28-34
Establishment of a soft shell turtle,Pelodiscus sinensis,embryo primary cell culture for studies of soft shell turtle poxvirus-like virus replication and characteristics 2012 Pan Chen Liu;Chi Young Wang;Shiun Long Lin;Cheng Chung Lin;Shao Wen Hung;Chen Hsuan Chang;Ching Yu Tu;Ming Hui Chen;Yi Peng Chen;Way Shyan Wang African Journal of Microbiology Research 6(5):960-967
Specific characters of 16S rRNA gene and 16S-23S rRNA internal transcribed spacer sequences of xylella fastidiosa pear leaf scorch strains 2012 Chiou Chu Su;Chung Jan Chang;Wen Jen Yang;Shih Tien Hsu;Kuo Ching Tzeng;Fuh Jyh Jan;Wen Ling Deng Europe Journal plant pathology 132:203-216
Truncated transcripts of nicotinic acetylcholine subunit gene Bdx6 are associated with spinosad resistance in Bactrocera dorsalis 2012 Ju Chun Hsu;Hai Tung Feng;Wen Jer Wu;Scott M. Geib;Ching Hua Mao;John Vontas Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 42:806-815

Highly virulent photobacterium damselae subsp piscicida isolated from Taiwan paradise fish,macropodus opercularis(L.),in Taiwan


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Functional expression and characterization of dipeptidyl peptidase IV from the black-bellied hornet vespa basalis in Sf21 insect cells


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Biosci.Biotechnol.Biochem 75(12):2371-2375

Vesicular diseases associated with poxviruslike infection in cultured soft shell turtles(Pelodiscus sinensis)in Taiwan


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Specific characters of 16S rRNA gene and 16S-23S rRNA internal transcribed spacer sequences of xylella fastidiosa pear leaf scorch strains


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Simultaneous analysis of blasticidin S and kasugamycin with micellar liquid chromatography


Shu Hui Cheng;Chang Chin Kwan;Chi Chu Lo

Journal of Food and Drug Analysis 19(4):452-456

Lactococcus lactis subsp.lactis infection in bester sturgeon, a cultured hybird of huso huso x acipenser ruthenus, in Taiwan


Ming Hui Chen;Shao Wen Hung;Ching Lin Shyu;Cheng Chung Lin;Pan Chen Liu;Chen Hsuan Chang;Wei Yau Shia;Ching Fu Cheng;Shiun Long Lin;Ching Yu Tu;Yu Hsing Lin;Way Shyan Wang

Research in Veterinary Science:

Persistence and bioavailability of transgenic genes released from genetically modified papaya and the influence on soil bacterial communities in Taiwan


Chi Chu Lo;Huey Jiunn Bau;Shu Chuan Chen;Chien Ju Lin;Yi Chien Huang;Shyi Dong Yeh

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Analysis of antibiotic fungicide kasugamycin in irrigation water by high performance liquid chromatography


Ceshing Sheu;Shu Chuan Chen;Chi Chu Lo

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Functional analysis of conserved aromatic amino acids in the discoidin domain of paenibacillus Beta-1,3-glucanase


Yueh Mei Cheng; Feng Chia Hsieh;Menghsiao Meng

Microbial cell factories 8:62:1-13

Isolation and Characterization of the Native Entomopathogenic Nematods,Heterorhabditis brevicaudis,and its symbiotic Bacteria from Taiwan


Feng Chia Hsieh;Chiaw Yen Tzeng;Jui Tang Tseng;Yeong Sheng Tsai;Menghsiao Meng;Suey Sheng Kao

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Extraction of DNA from soil for analysis of bacterial diversity in transgenic and Nontransgenic papaya sites


Ceshing Sheu;Chung Yi Wu;Shu Chuan Chen;Chi Chu Lo

Journal Agricultural Food Chemistry 56(24):11969-11975

Comparing methods for Identifying bacillus strains capable of producing the antifungal lipopeptide iturin A


Feng Chia Hsieh;Tsung Chun Lin;Menghsiao Meng;Suey Sheng Kao

current microbiology 56:1-5

Expression and purification of a recombinant Fip-fve protein from flammulina velutipes in baculovirus-infected


Chi Ming Wu;Tzong Yuan Wu;Suey Sheng Kao;Jiunn Liang Ko;Tzyy-Rong Jinn

Journal of Applied Microbiology 104:1354-1362

Use of surface response methodology to optimize culture conditions for iturin A production by bacillus subtilis in solid-state fermentation


Ing Lung Shih;Chia Yu Kuo;Feng Chia Hsieh;Suey Sheng Kao;Chienyan Hsieh

Journal of the Chinese Institute of Chemical Engineers 39:635-643

Paenibacillus taiwanensis sp.nov., isolated from soil in Taiwan


Fwu Ling Lee;Hsiao Ping Kuo;Chun Ju Tai ;Akira Yokota;Chi Chu Lo

International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 57:1351-1354

Effects of Lactose and Glucose on production of itaconic acid and lovastatin by aspergillus terreus ATCC 20542


Long Shan T. Lai;Chih Sheng Hung;Chi Chu Lo

Journal of Bio science and Bioengineering 104(1):9-13

Use of real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and transformation assay to monitor the persistence and bioavailability of transgenic genes released from genetically modified papaya expressing nptII PRSV Genes in the soil


Chi Chu Lo;Shu Chuan Chen;Jin Zang Yang

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry :557534-7540

Neuroprotective effects of sesamin and sesamolin on gerbil brain in cerebral ischemia


Fu Chou Cheng;Tzyy Rong Jinn;Rolis C. W.Hou;Jason T. C. Tzen

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Chryseobacterium taiwanense sp.nov.,isolated from soil in Taiwan


Chun Ju Tai;Hsiao Ping Kuo;Fwu Ling Lee;Han Ken Chen;Akira Yokota ;Chi Chu Lo

International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 56:1-5

Functional Expression of FIP-gts, a Fungal Immunomodulatory Protein from Ganoderma Tsugae in Sf21 Insect Cells


Tzyy Rong Jinn;Chi Ming Wu;Wu Chun Tu;Jiunn Liang Ko;T. C. Tzen

Biosci. Biotechnol.Biochem.70:60232-1-8

Mutations in the acetylcholinesterase gene of Bactrocera dorsalis associated with resistance to organophosphorus insecticides


Ju-Chun Hsu;David S. Haymer;Wen-Jer Wu;Hai Tung Feng

Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 36:396-402

Biosafety Assessment of Transgenic Crops on Soil Environment


Chi Chu Lo;Shu Chuan Chen;Jin Zang Yang;Wen Jui Tseng

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Coral red fluorescence protein as genetic modified baculovirus tracer


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Journal of Biotechnology 119:255-259

Screening, cloning,transformation and expression of cryl-type genes


Suey Sheng Kao;Feng Chia Hsieh;Ching Chou Tzeng;Yeong Sheng Tsai

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Evaluation of the transformation of Acinetobacter sp. BD413 by transgenic papaya NDA containing functional nptII gene in soil microcosms


Chi Chu Lo;Shu Chuan Chen;Chi Shiou Wang;Hui Lien Chen

Annals of Microbiology 55(3):163-169

Glyphosate Tolerance of Dicliptera chinensis:Dose-Response and EPSPS Activity


Chiou Ing Yuan;Y. M. Chen;Mou Yen Chiang

Proceedings 19th Asia-Pacific Weed Science Society Philippine:819-825

Production and purification of immunogenic virus-like particles formed by chimeric infectious bursal disease virus structural protein, VP2H, in insect iarvae


Lai, S. Y.;M. S. Lee;H. C. Chen;P. C. Shen;T. R. Jihn;S. S. Kao;M. Y. Wang

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Rapid detection and characterization of surfaction-producing bacillus subtilis and closely related species based on PCR


Hsieh, Feng Chia; Mei Chen Li;Tsung Chun Lin;Suey Sheng Kao

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Cloning and expression of the insecticidal crystal protein gene cry1ca9 of bacillus thuringiensis G10-01A from Taiwan granaries


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Use of random amplified polymorphic DNA to characterize entomopathogenic fungi, Nomuraea spp.,Beauveria spp.,and Metarhizium anisopliae var. anisopliae, from Taiwan and China


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Determination of the antibiotic fungicide validamycin A in formulated products by micellar electrokinetic chromatography


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Incorporation of cotton blue and calcoflour white M2R into conventional paraffin section.


Kuo, K. C.

植物保護學會會刊 41(1):79-82

Comparison of micellar electrokinetic capillary chromatographic method with high-performance liquid chromatographic method for the determination of imidazolidine-2-thione(ethylenethiourea) in formulated products


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Isolation characterizatin and cry gene typing of bacillus thuringiensis from stored product material samples collected around Taiwan


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High-performance capillary electrophoretic method for the determination of antibiotic fungicide kasugamycin in formulated products.


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Use of High-performance liquid chromatographic and atomic absorption methods to distinguish propineb, zineb, maneb, and mancozeb fungicides.


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Registration of BT Preparations in Taiwan.


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Host-plant related chromosome polymorphism in the turnip aphid, Lipaphis erysimi


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Genetics of metabolic resistance to insecticides in the house fly : Evidence for the role of a major regulatory gene.


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