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Taiwan Agricultural Chemicals and Toxic Substances Research Institute, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan

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Picturesque Countryside

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Source: TACTRI / COA
Date: 2008/10/27

Painting-Like Countryside  In the early stages of Taiwan's history, Taiwan's economy was founded on its agriculture, which used to be the key industry that supported Taiwan's economic development. As time progressed, the country's economy changed into one that relied primarily on industry and commerce, with agriculture playing a critical yet secondary role. The transition has also changed the rural areas.

  The Agriculture Pavilion's “Picturesque Countryside” web pages take us to Taiwan's rural areas to find out what they are like today and how the government and farmers have worked together to make better use of the farmland.

Painting-Like Countryside  Small Landlords, Big Tenant Farmers – New System to Revitalize Farmlands allows us to understand the new government's thrust to revitalize farmlands. With this scheme, swathes of fallow and unused farmland will be revitalized and farmers will be assisted to expand their farms and run them with modern management techniques.

  One of the three goals of Dr. Chen Wu-Hsiung, Minister of the Council of Agriculture, is to turn Taiwan into a Pesticide-Free Agricultural Island in 50 years. Toxin-Free Agricultural Island – the Hualien Model ”allows us to see how farmers in Hualien County are working with the Agriculture Development Department of the county government to develop pesticide-free agriculture.

Painting-Like Countryside  With help from the Soil and Water Conservation Bureau, many rural areas have discovered their own special traits and displayed a pretty, energetic new look. Farming Village Rejuvenation Demonstrates Communities' Vitality enables us to discover the changes that have taken place in people's minds during the revival of rural areas.

Painting-Like Countryside   On the web page “The Countryside is Like a Painting”, we post photographs that demonstrate the beauty of the rural areas.The Online Photographic Exhibition allows you to appreciate the beauty of Taiwan's rural areas on your PC screen. The real charm of Taiwan's rural areas is awaiting your discovery.

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