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FDA Pesticide Files on WWW

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Source: TACTRI / COA
Date: 2013/09/07

FDA Pesticide Files on WWW

Files providing information related to pesticides are now available for downloading from the World Wide Web (WWW) site maintained by the Food and Drug Administration Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition(CFSAN).Current dates for each are listed;updates are made as needed.


Pesticide Glossary

 (Current version:February,1997.)This file is in Adobe Acrobat pdf format.The Glossary lists information about each pesticide chemical,in order by its preferred name;information includes CAS number,molecular formula,pesticidal use,and references to 40 CFR sections listing tolerances on foods and feeds.Alternate names are also provided for each.An index cross-references each alternate name to the preferred name.

Pdf files can be downloaded from the WWW and then viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader,free software available in several versions,including Windows and Macintosh.Using Acrobat Reader,files can be viewed on screen or printed in a format identical to the published version.

Web page address (URL):http://vm.cfsan.fda.gov/~frf/pestglos.html



Pestrak,PESTDATA files

(Current version:February ,1997.)Data files in text(ASCII)format,intended for importing into database or spreadsheet software.Data include information about individual chemicals (CAS number,molecular formula,pesticidal use,and references to 40 CFR sections listing tolerances on foods and feeds),their alternate names,and details of their behavior through FDA analytical methodology and GLC determinative systems.The advantages of these files are:(1) they include information on more chemicals than do the Glossary and PAM I tables,and (2) use of database software permits searches for specific items of information that are difficult or impossible to do otherwise,e.g.,finding all chemicals with P in the molecular formula.Familiarity with database or spreadsheet software is required to use these effectively.

Web page address (URL):http://vm.cfsan.fda.gov/~frf/pestdata.html




(Current version:September,1996.) Pesticide Analytical Manual Volume I,FDA manual of multiresidue analytical methods for pesticide residues in foods,is available as 12 Adobe Acrobat pdf files.These 12 files comprise the entire PAM I updated as of 9/96.Persons who already have PAM I 3rd edition(1/94) and the 9/96 revision should still download the 9/96 (updated) pdf files for Chapters 3 and 4 tables,Appendix I,and the indices,because these will not be distributed in hard copy.

Web page address (URL):http://vm.cfsan.fda.gov/~frf/pami1.html




(Current version:February,1997.) Pesticide Analytical Manual Volume II,containing single residue methods for pesticides with U.S.tolerances on foods or feeds,is not available in electronic format,but an updated index to PAM II is now available in Adobe Acrobat pdf format.The index lists pesticides both alphabetically by name and numerically by appropriate section(s) of Code of Federal Regulations Title 40.

The updated index includes indication of methods submitted to EPA but not compiled in PAM II.Users with a need for methods not compiled in PAM II may request copies from EPA.

Web page address (URL):http://vm.cfsan.fda.gov/~frf/pam2.html



Annual Reports on Residues in Foods

(Reports for 1993,1994,1995.) Files are available for each of the recent annual reports about pesticide residues found in foods by FDA.The 1995 report,which has not been published in hard copy,is currently available in both HTML and Adobe Acrobat pdf formats.The latter format provides the best reproduction of figures when printed.

Web page address (URL):http://vm.cfsan.fda.gov/~lrd/pestadd.html

March 11,1997


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