Taiwan Agricultural Chemicals and Toxic Substances



Division of Technical Service

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  • Date: 2013/09/17


The Division of Technical Service integrates the research findings of the Institute and accumulates information related to pesticides and pests for distribution to local farmers, researchers, and extension workers. In terms of integrating and extending research findings, the division is responsible for publishing annual reports, newsletters and handbooks, producing research and educational video tapes, as well as providing a library information service, training programs for local farmers, extension workers and pesticide retailers. In terms of accumulating data and establishing an information system, the division concerts its efforts on agrochemical and pest control-related information system in Taiwan, the pesticide toxicology information system, automatic library information and management system, and an information management system for education and training programs. In the area of information system planning and management, the using pc-based servers and network facilities to automate administrative work, thereby allowing us to also offer information and service through the World Wide Web (WWW). Beside, we also assist other Departments in establishing their own information systems. Otherwise, the division is responsible for offering portal service for pesticide registration in Taiwan. In the near future, OTS will intensify efforts to accelerate network transmission speed, integrate the information system, service on one window, coordinate training programs and exchange information with other organizations.

Main Work