Taiwan Agricultural Chemicals and Toxic Substances



Division Of Bio-Pesticide

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  • Date: 2013/09/17


This department develops new bio-pesticides with the assistance of biotechnology, establishes guidelines for regulatory control of bio-pesticides, and provides application technologies of bio-pesticides for farmers. This department's missions are to integrate the application of bio-pesticides with chemical pesticides to ensure the safe, effective and economic usage of pesticides and maintain the sustainable agroecosystems. In particular, the Department is currently focusing on developing and applying biochemical pesticides, exploring and using plant-derived insecticidal genes, developing formulation and field applications, technology of biochemical pesticides, extending and utilizing biochemical pesticides in IPM system, establishing guidelines for regulatory control of biochemical pesticides. Development and application of microbial pesticides: collecting of local strains and strain improvement using conventional and genetic engineering technologies; establishing fermentation optimization techniques and other in vivo mass production technologies; improving separation and formulation process; establishing guidelines for regulatory control of microbial pesticides, evaluation on the risk of releasing genetically engineered micro-organisms; and extending and utilizing microbial pesticides in IPM system. Establishment of insect mass-rearing technology: upgrading rearing facilities and surrounding environments; developing the disinfection process; and automating manufacturing procedures. In recent years, this Department has successfully developed and applied sex pheromones and microbial control agents. The Department has also established a technology for quality control and bioassay of bio-pesticides to support regulatory control.

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